Angelo Gladding

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South Pasadena, California, United States

Home Pages



  • fertilize and water grapefruit

  • sow seeds

  • paint closets

  • remove agave rot

  • grade around pine and beneath deck

  • move masonry to beneath deck

  • relocate garden stuff to back of house

  • unearth alien potato weed (4x)

  • measure trim


Hardware Store

  • grout cleaner

  • grout brush

  • red closet floor T-trim

  • silicone caulk (white)

  • trim (bathroom, closet)

  • paint (2x yellow, 2x beige, 2x blue)

  • brush for kilz


  • install trim (bedroom closet 2x)

  • install trim (finish bathroom window, bathtub corner, finish bedroom attic)

  • install flooring

    • plastic barrier

    • cut to fit

    • install T-trim

  • caulk everything

  • paint ceilings

  • paint trim

  • paint bathroom kilz

  • paint bedroom walls

  • paint bathroom light blue


  • transplant agave

  • dig out new hugel and stash

  • relocate and set pavers and blocks with fabric, gravel, sand and dg

  • set aside hugel top mass

  • relocate black walnut trimmings

  • prune black walnut, relocate

  • prune bogenvilia + privets + hummingbird, relocate

  • prune pines (small and large), relocate