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tools for metamodern software development

In order to produce high quality software consistently across an entire platform care must be taken to lower the barriers to contribution while maximizing each's value.

It is my contention that this can be acheived by striking a fitting balance between the automations of man and machine. All people interacting with the software, from development to usage, are directly incorporated into the continuously integrating production process. This all but necessitates a completely F/LOSS environment.

As such `gaia` is licensed under the `AGPL` and designed to run exclusively on `GNU/Linux` systems. It is assumed and ultimately imposed that all software produced using the `gaia` methodology shall be similarly licensed under the `AGPL`.

Microsoft Windows is closed source. Apple OS X is based on Darwin, a BSD.

[How does the BSD license differ from the GNU Public license?][1]

Linux is available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which is designed to eliminate closed source software. In particular, any derivative work of a product released under the GPL must also be supplied with source code if requested. By contrast, the BSD license is less restrictive: binary-only distributions are allowed.

I believe that it should be possible to inspect and verify all source of a machine. This obviates avoiding support for non-GNU operating systems and should explain seemingly arbitrary platform-dependant decisions.

*[F/LOSS]: Free/Libre Open Source Software

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      • api

        interface introspection

      • cost

        cost estimation

      • git

        an opinionated Git interface

      • metrics

        source code metrics

      • qc

        quality control tools



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