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render formatted plaintext as HTML

Plaintext to HTML that strives to use concise, human-readable textual annotations to build rich documents of various size and purpose including status updates, scholarly works, screenwriting, literate programming, etc.

The guiding philosophy of both the syntax and features is to allow the user as much freedom as possible to convey her message while automatically handling the distracting, repetitive details commonly involved with publishing for the web.

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Write plaintext to the web. Read plaintext from the web.
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March 19, 2004 ###

The idea was to make writing simple web pages ... as easy as writing an email, by allowing you to use much the same syntax and converting it automatically into HTML ... back into Markdown.

--- Aaron Swartz, [Markdown][1]

Email-style writing for the web.

--- John Gruber, [Dive Into Markdown][2]



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