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Print identity UUID to standard out during tree spawn

by Angelo Gladding 09CEF88F29CC1A44

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     should be run as gaea      """-    log("setting up canopy tree")-"runinenv", "understory", "canopy", "setuphost", name, passphrase,-          pubkey_size, *(("--domain", domain) if domain else ()),-          _env={"WEBCFG": "canopy/etc/web.conf",-                "KVDB": "canopy/run/redis.sock"})+    # log("setting up canopy tree")+    print("runinenv", "understory", "canopy", "setuphost", name,+                passphrase, pubkey_size,+                *(("--domain", domain) if domain else ()),+                _env={"WEBCFG": "canopy/etc/web.conf",+                      "KVDB": "canopy/run/redis.sock"}))     sh.sudo("supervisorctl", "reload")  
     elif context == "tree":         spawn_canopy_tree(, args.passphrase, args.domain) -    log("finished")+    # log("finished")     parser.exit(0)